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We want you to enjoy our new website, enjoy our beautiful horses and taste a part of our dream that we are committed to never end. We feel honoured to be able to own and breed these beautiful horses that fill our hearts every single day.


Raymond & Sally 


photo: J. Jonientz



Klarenbeek Arabians is situated in the Veluwe Valley, a central part of Holland surrounded by lakes that provides a natural terrain combining forest, woodlands and sandbanks. The place is a natural haven for wildlife especially deers, wild boars and birds.


The area is protected by the Goverment Protection Trust and creates a perfect environment for the beautiful Arabian horses at Klarenbeek.


photo: J. Jonientz



The stud farm comprises of 30 Arabians, predominantly based on a foundation programme of Polish mares from the famous P line, bred from the State Stud Farms of Poland.

Raymond and Sally have been breeding Arabians for 10 years and for both of them, it is a lifelong passion and true love.


In recent years, Raymond and Sally have introduced new bloodlines and carefully selected additional broodmares to compliment their breeding programme.


Samantha Mattocks, The Arabian Magazine




"f you have seen nothing but the beauty of their markings
     and limbs, their true beauty is hidden from you..."

text from Al Moutanbi




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